The Alpha

It’s greek for the beginning, and this is it.

Today I decided that I no longer want to be fat.

It’s going to be a long and arduous journey and I will procrastinate, make excuses, make the wrong choices and do a whole heap of other stupid shit. But at the end of it, I will be healthy, fit and awesome.

I had my first protein shake this morning, it’s a Stemtech cocktail mixed up with some Chocolate protein powder and coconut cream. Here is how it went down; you know when you were a child and your parents made, no forced, you to eat every last vegetable on your plate? Your eyes would start to water then came the dry retching. Ugh. That was my experience.

But I thought of the image I just posted; “When you think you can’t, you better fucking convince yourself you can and push harder”

I imagined the shake as a wonderful elixir that would help bring the skinniness. It was a delicious Tip Top mikshake, chocolate ice cream – I thought – ‘drink it! this is going to help to make me awesome at table tennis!’ And then it was gone – consumed.

Shake 0 – Melody 1


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