Table Tennis

Crazy in love

I am passionate about table tennis. The (healthy) obsessive, I must play it every day of the week, live, breathe and dream kind of passionate. I can not articulate how it actually makes me feel, but I will try.

The thought of playing gives me butterflies! I want to play every minute of the day until I pass out and I crave the game like it’s a drug. It’s constantly changing with different players, styles and things to learn, so I am always challenged and never bored. Above all; Table Tennis makes me happy.

Wow, did I just explain my passion for a sport or a man?!? Haha.

My love for Table Tennis drives me to wake up at 4:15am each morning, get to work and to practice my serves from 5am. I then wait for people to arrive at work and try and coerce whomever I can to play with me until we start at 9am. I’m crazy in love, and it’s not with a man – it’s a bloody sport!

This morning my friend from work – Mag’s – indulged me with some ‘game time’ and it was awesome. I taught her some basic spin serves and she cracked it!

Here is Mag’s doing her thang. This is also our rather beaten up table tennis, table at work.


PS I skulled back my morning protein shake like a boss!

Shake 0 – Melody 2


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