Table Tennis

Deadly Vipers

Currently at work we have a doubles table tennis tournament running. It’s mostly fast, sometimes furious and although some won’t like to admit it – it is highly competitive.

My partner/friend and I were thrown together – his name is JT – and after many team name changes, we settled with what I think is the coolest team name of the tournament: Deadly Vipers.

JT was camera shy today, but here he is holding up our Deadly Vipers team logo.


I am competitive by nature and like to win, I mean come on, who enters a competition to come anywhere but first?! With this in mind and the fact that I’ve only just started playing, I didn’t want to enter the tournament to lose. But I’m in with JT and so far I’m happy-ish with my performance.

We had our last pool game of 3 today (we won the first two) and got smoked. I played poorly, I don’t think we jived as a duo and the biggest oversight was underestimating our opponents. It was a learning experience and we will work harder to improve our game. Hell, we have to because we will be the bunnies in the next round of pool matches and I refuse to go down without a fight!

It’s all guns blazing from here on in folks. First game of the next round is next week…

Bring it on!


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