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Never give up

All this week I have played terrible table tennis; my serves, returning and pretty much my entire game has sucked. I don’t know whether it is because everyone around me is improving or if it’s just me, either way it is super duper frustrating. I am impatient and want to be brilliant at this game last week!

Most people can relate to a similar situation but how does one handle it? Becoming angry or negative is not the kind of head space you want to get yourself into – which is easy to say but in practice it’s a lot harder to execute. But no one likes a ‘Negative Nancy’plus it is not very becoming to be a stroppy sore loser.

Improvement in anything takes time (unfortunately) drive, and the discipline and perseverance to keep going no matter what. It also requires that you are honest about your shortfalls but know that you can always learn, change and get better!

A wise person called Mihikeita once told me e-mailed me, 10 minutes ago, and imparted some helpful advice about my situation:

“You need to take a breather,

And calm down,

Reflect on things”

So, at this very point in time, I am attempting to focus on the end result – visualising if you will – me being freaking fantastic at what I love. In this visualisation I am also skinny – just saying, ha! I will continue to play today and focus more – after all great things come to those who take action, yes, those who work their booty off and never give up.

never give up


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