Fitness / Rants

Some like it rough

Table tennis is turning out to be as rough as a game of rugby, minus the tight shorts. We are losing players left right and centre due to injury. Thus far we have chalked up a dislocated shoulder, countless other shoulder strains, pulled leg muscles and goodness knows what else.

I have proudly been injury free – until today.

Technically I am not sure you can call it an ‘injury’ because normally you have to actually be using said limb/body part. I am right handed and for some bizarre reason, my left – that’s right, left – shoulder is in a lot of pain.

What the hell is up with that?! It’s like I have body dysmorphic syndrome mashed up with some kind of crazy sympathetic injury syndrome.

Things are getting cray up in here.

I want, no need, Tiger Balm. Now!


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