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All or nothing. A tale of a girl, 4 bats, 8 weeks and $200

Milli Vanilli sum up my personality best with their lipsynched, hit song of the 80’s ‘All or nothing’ or AON for short. That’s how I roll, with everything that I’ve got to give or in some situations nothing at all. This personality trait applies to not only how I conduct myself in everyday life but also spills over to how I view acquiring possessions. I accumulate. If I’m going to buy something it generally has to be at least a pair, triplicate or in bulk. I mean why have just one when you can negotiate the price down for more, right?!

Some critics – parents, friends, family, – argue that I’m a crazy hoarder, however I like to think of myself as a skilled procurer.

Pop quiz.

Question: What do you get with an AON girl slash ultimate consumer, whose goal is to be a brilliant table tennis player?

Answer: A never satisfied, highly skilled procurer of table tennis equipment. That’s me.

It’s been nearly 8 weeks and in that time I have purchased 3 premade TT bats. Today I decided I wanted to go ‘next level’ and with the advice of my trusty coach Rodney, I now possess the one blade to rule them all: a beautiful custom made, 729 Chinese branded carbon/wood mix blade with 729 rubber and Sugar taped edges. Did I mention it is purple?!

I’m in love, crazy in love.

For those unaware of the difference between a premade versus custom made bat, let me use an illustratration by comparing buying Mc Donalds versus eating at a Michelin star restaurant. The former, premade and mass produced does the business and is adequate however the latter is a culinary experience, each ingredient carefully selected, prepared and tailored to delight the individual.

And let me tell you, I’m delighted. Custom made baby, it’s up there with eating at a restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsey.

So without further ado, I present my new bat in all its glory.

Now from the side.

How about laying flat.

And now laying flat on its original box.


These are the 729 rubbers she/he/it is adorned in plus a new case.

It has only been 4 hours and I am yet to name her/him/it. I’m taking suggestions for names, so please feel free to comment down below, Facebook, tweet or email me with your ideas.

On another note I am also selling my 2 week old, awesome Globe bat. I paid $50 and am giving it away for only $40. I’ll throw in 2 rubber protectors too – because I’m nice! Contact me via any of the methods listed above for more information. Sorry I am only able to deliver within New Zealand.

If you want a professional to help you select a bat please visit


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