Phat girl slim – 5 things this girl can’t wait to reclaim

If you have never been fat, you will not understand what it is like to miss certain things that a skinny person takes for granted. I have been slim a few times in this lifetime and have fond memories of various aspects of being lithe; wearing miniscule skirts, teetering around in sky-high heels without the danger of breaking your ankles (or the heels). I’m slightly older now and the idea of wearing mini-mini skirts is a bit on the skanky side, but there are a whole heap of things that I can’t wait to take back. This is not a comprehensive list and some will happen at different stages but all are equally important and exciting!

I find the décolletage extremely sexy. Not bony and protruding mind you, I’ll be quite happy with one just like Ukranian/Canadian model, Daria Werbowy’s.

Daria Werbowy Vogue Paris February 2011 Mario Sorrenti11

Pronounced cheek bones
Fact: rounder faces hide cheek bones. Mine are making a come back, thank god. Let’s give props to B who rocks some amazing cheek bones.


Gimme back my hip bones
I have a friend who finds ‘razor blade’ hip bones attractive – you know who you are! Yeuchk. I just want mine back and free from the confines of their fleshy prison. I would have posted an image of hip bones, but the interweb keeps serving up x-rated images. Use your imagination.

Wearing everything that is in my wardrobe
As explained in my last post ‘All or nothing’, I have a tendency to accumulate stuff and clothes are no exception. ASOS Curve is a big girls best friend – trust me – and I have a wardrobe at home packed full of beautiful dresses that I can’t fit – yet. In about a months time, I will be wearing all of it! Muahaha!


Being able to shop wherever the hell I want
One of the biggest complaints for big girls is that we are limited as to where we can shop. Not only that, plus size clothes in general are ugly, sack like monstrositites that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. Just because someone is fat, it does not mean they want to dress hideously. I look forward to the time where I can walk into any clothing shop on the planet and buy off the rack.

If you are on your own journey to lose weight, what can’t you wait for once you slim down?!


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