Table Tennis

Creepin’ on ah come up

Victory was not had by the Deadly Vipers today. We lost our second consecutive match in our workplace TT tournament playing Real Steel…but we didn’t go down without a fight!

Pre-game was intense. I was a nervous mix of butterflies and excitement, more so than any other game we have played. It took me back to my school drama days, that pre-performance build up and paranoia before going on stage and all the silly ‘what if scenarios’ that run through your head;

What if I forget my lines?
What if I forget my cue and look like an idiot?
What if the boy I like is in the audience and I trip over?


You will be happy to know that throughout the TT match;

I remembered how to play,
Never missed my cues,
and the boy?… Well, I didn’t trip and fall into his arms over so there was nothing to worry about.

We started dismally; 0-1… 0-3… 0-7. It was getting to the point where I thought we would lose without gaining a point then – boom – it was 1-9! Amidst the blur of points we got to 11-11 and it was glorious. Glor-i-ous. This elation lasted about 30 seconds, then we got out-served of 6 points and the final score was 13-21.

Done, dusted, over.

Real Steel have not been camera ready – all week – so instead of a ‘real life’ photo, Dora of Real Steel has treated us to a wonderful sketch of her and partner Pumba wasting beating us at the table.

Real Steel self portrait sketch

Despite not winning, I feel it was by far the best game that JT and I have played throughout the tournament. For once I am happy with my performance, which is saying a lot. I am pretty critical of how I play, but this time I think it was ok.

Our next game is on Wednesday versus a very good spinning duo dubbed ‘C World’.

Watch this space for an update!


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