7 Days in Review / Rants

The good, the bad and the fugly – 7 days in review

My week has been fantastic, read all about it.

The Good

  1. I am starting a new job! I have been invited to join the small business team at Telecom and my first day is June 4th. I will be working ‘normal person’ hours, which means I can get more sleep and do MORE exercise. Living the dream!
  2. I can fit more of my clothes already! Check out this post on how I reclaimed my wardrobe.
  3. No meat, chicken or pork has passed these lips in the last 7 days. Farm animals everywhere celebrate this milestone with me.
  4. In life, love and everything in between, when an opportunity presents itself, you better damn well seize it before it’s gone. Wouldn’t you agree with that? Opportunities have been throwing themselves at me all week and I am snatching them up as quick as they come. There will be no regrets for this girl.
  5. I have been unwell with a cold for most of last week and to my displeasure I have been unable to play much table tennis. Tomorrow morning I get back into it and will start training from 5-6am again! I usually practice serving and spin, chop and smash about 750 balls per session.Here is a before and after pic’ of one round of practicing.

Practicing table tennis service

The Bad

  1. I haven’t updated this blog as much as I would like to. But once I start my new job expect that to change.
  2. I have slacked off my eating regime this past weekend by being inconsistent with my timings and not always having my protein shake. Tut-tut. That all changed as of yesterday and this image/mantra/quote helped keep me focussed.
  3. One day men will learn. You give them an opening and they fail miserably. Ugh.


The Fugly

  1. Gossip is a bitch. There has only been one real downer for me this week and it involves rumours being circulated about me at my workplace. It’s so high school and I really, really wanted to roundhouse kick the culprits. But, I just let it go. Woosah.



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