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Good intentions and the banishment of new year resolutions

Working on a new me
There are goals, to-do lists, new years resolutions and countless other ‘action lists’ we make with every intention to complete. Most kick off with gusto and a firm resolve to be conquered, yet for many, myself included, my hopes and dreams lay scattered and forgotten amongst piles of books, mere ideas penned on paper without significance. 

In light of this perpetual cycle of ‘unfinished business’ I declare that this post not be a list to be pored over tirelessly, each bullet point staring at me and filling me with guilt at my lack of accomplishment. No! This is a post of ‘Good Intentions’, an evolving list of things that I hope to achieve and will work my butt off to complete. Some are ongoing and will need continuous attention, others are straightforward or celebratory and then there are those that upon completion, will be banished into the past – forever.

My list is only for the short term and it’s to the point. I could elaborate on, justify and blah blah about each one, but I just want to get them all out. If you have any questions, please ask.

So without further ado I present my current list of good intentions!

Drop 6 dress sizes by October.
Be consistent in everything I do.
Let your yes, mean yes. That is a quote from the bible that I love. I need to live by it.
Learn to cook amazing vegetarian cuisine.
Help out at my local table tennis club.
Sing in a band.
Fit absolutely every piece of clothing in my wardrobe/s.

And my last, but definitely not least important good intention can be filed under the ‘celebratory section’. Come October, I shall be enjoying the fruits of nearly 6 months of being on the path to better health and I decided this momentous occassion was best celebrated, and conveyed, with an image. Interpret it however you want.

Dedicated to the best sister in the world, Skye.



2 thoughts on “Good intentions and the banishment of new year resolutions

  1. Hey Melz
    Keep up the good work! Brilliant!!!!
    Ps try googling Cranks Vegetarian Recipes this is a restaurant in London which had the most divine vege food and the put out their own recipe books.

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