Motivate Me / Musings

The Phoenix


I must apologise it’s been 2 months since I have posted here. I can make all the excuses I like, but the reality is that I need to manage my time better.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs. I’ve learnt alot about myself, my values, what I’m capable of and how much I can push myself before I crash and burn.

Basically I’ve almost fallen off the wagon, almost. I have been skipping meals, not training, sleeping very little and it pains me to say it – I’ve played hardly any table tennis for the past month. I even ate wheat for the first time, actually 3 times, in the last 24 hours knowing full well my body would punish me – and oh god it has.

However there is light in my future and a new renewed determination to succeed. The fire in me has been reignited after a long day of rest and contemplation today…

I am like the Phoenix, regenerated and shedding the old to reveal the new. My time is now.


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