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A challenge, dedicated to my father

My father has been a huge influence in my life and with my mother by his side together they raised my brother, sister and I to follow our dreams, stand up for what we believe in, work hard and above all be good, decent people. It has been almost 18 long months since we lost our dad to a sudden heart attack, and the values that were instilled in me from a young age, the unwavering love from a great father and role model, have not been forgotten.

I miss my dad, his laughter, his gregarious personality, the way he only ever saw and adored my mother after 32 years of marriage. I miss his words of encouragement and even the ‘regular’ scoldings I would receive about ‘… balance, Melody-Anne. You can’t do everything all at once…one thing at a time’ It’s funny, only now do I truly understand the importance of balance in my life, and if dad were here now I know would be exhaling a sigh of relief knowing I have finally, finally grasped this counsel.

Let’s get a bit of context.

Wednesday, August 7th 2013 was an important day for me, I launched the Look Good, Feel Great Challenge, my baby, the result of 8 weeks of planning, organising and sacrifice of my sleep/training/family and social life. It has been a labour of love and I developed the challenge to help promote healthy living and ultimately, to lift the spirits and self confidence of those around me. I decided that I wanted people to feel as fantastic as I do and two months later the LGFGC was born.

The last 72 hours of my life have been brilliant, amazing and revelatory and here is how it all went down;

Wednesday the Look Good, Feel Great Challenge launched.
Thursday I crashed.
Friday (today) I am the Phoenix – the mythical bird version, not the soccer team.

It has taken the last 5 months or self transformation for me to recognise that I can not do absolutely everything that I want to, all at once and by myself. I have had to crash and burn twice within the last month to finally come to that realisation and it has been a difficult lesson learnt and perhaps a lesson that, had I ever listened, could have been learnt a lot earlier.

One of the hardest things over the past few days, even months, is that I have not been able to share these challenges nor rejoice in the successes with my father, one of few people who has helped shape me into the person I am today. His voice is the one I hear driving me to never give up, to dedicate myself and to be disciplined, it is he and my mother who taught me that everything is possible – everything.  If it were not for my parents nurturing, my aspirations would be nothing more than fanciful ideas, cast aside and unrealised, and I am forever grateful for their brilliant parenting.

I am a part of my fathers legacy, and I want him to be proud of me, wherever he is. So, I dedicate the Look Good, Feel Great Challenge to the number one man in my life, my biggest supporter, my dad, Kevin Wehipeihana.


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