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How Melody got her groove back

AristotleShit happens. Whether menial or momentous, as human beings the one thing we share in common is that we have had to overcome an obstacle in our lives. Perception, how we as individuals view the situation, it’s severity, and our sense of reasoning on how to deal with it, will shape the outcome. Perception and reasoning friends, is huge.

I have had a lot happen in the last month. My beliefs have come into question, relationships strengthened and others dissolved, my personal limits have been tested and failed causing an imbalance in every facet of my life. I’ve also embarked on a new journey to help others, which has proven to be more challenging than I could have ever imagined.

While on this path of self discovery I’ve found that my emotions, formerly imprisoned and hidden away, have now been set free to cause havoc.

I’ve been a mess. I’ve crumbled, twice.Β  Yeah, I could have felt sorry for myself and let the disappointment and feelings of failure consume me, I could have quite easily convinced myself that there’s no point in pursuing anything whatsoever and reverted back to the old ‘unhappy’ me, but like Aaliyah once sang, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again’ And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Every single obstacle I have been faced with I have overcome, not single handedly, I have a brilliant circle of family and friends who have helped tremendously along the way.

I have sought to look for the positives in all circumstances, to not allow a single situation overwhelm me and to take each challenge as an opportunity to learn. My perception on matters is to take a more sunnier outlook as opposed to one of doom and gloom.

Like yesterday for example, I am visiting my physio for the first time and she’s assessing a knee injury I have as a result of my beloved table tennis. She starts going through the list of banned exercises, ‘no running, jumping, boot camp, squats..’ I’m getting emotional, not wanting to hear anymore. ‘… blah, blah, blah’ and then, boom, the kicker ‘no, Melody, you can’t dance anymore’ Queue a loud wail and a swift yet failed attempt by myself to negotiate her around.


Now, I wanna dance, real bad. I have been dying to do more Body Jam and Sh’bam classes at Les Mills, talked about it non stop for weeks and understandably this grave news was met with dramatics. Secondly, I am also the number one advocate, founder and organiser for the Look Good, Feel Great Challenge and it’s my job to ensure I’m thrashing it at the gym.

And get this: she even, almost, but not quite, was going to banish table tennis from my life for the next six weeks, and trust me, there would have been a fight and stubborn refusal to cooperate had she dared say that.

Ok, so back to my story…

I’m a little sad and ask what I can actually do, pout. Then like music to my ears I discover I’m allowed to box, step (up and not side to side), do body pump, weights and walk. Despite not being able to partake in many forms of fitness that I longed to do, there were a stack I actually still could do!

On my part it just means a bit of adjustment with my fitness intensity level, I also have to be patient with the rehabilitation, but I made the decision to not dwell on what I couldn’t do and get excited about the new possibilities.

A little tweak in my perspective, embracing the positives and focussing on the long term outcome, that being a healed knee and a hell of a lot of dancing, turned what could have been devastation into something I look forward to conquering.

Yes, shit happens, but ultimately it comes down to how we choose to deal with it that will determine whether we despair or dance.

I, choose to dance.


6 thoughts on “How Melody got her groove back

  1. Hey GF…you continue to inspire people like me, who at times of crises think of quitting altogether. Up until lately, I’ve always had the “all or nothing” mentality. And just like you I am also learning that a bit of tweaking here and there is all that is needed, and life is back at that positive point again, where running and hiding from your problems is NOT an option “ANYMORE”.
    All the while as you’re grooving to Aalyah’s “dust yourself off and try again” …. instead of grooving side to side, step it up and bring it down a notch till all is well again πŸ˜‰ I love how fierce you’ve become!! X0X

    P.s…sending love and light to the knees πŸ™‚

    • Hey girl, you are an all our nothing kinda woman too! How are you finding it making the positive changes? Thank you for the love and light and words of encouragement πŸ™‚ Working on stepping it down. x

      • Allgood GF!!

        I’ll give you a brief insight on how my whole being reacts to positive changes when something that I initially view as negative comes my way -although in reality, it’s just “positive” in disguise, and natures way I guess, of challenging me.

        ….Initially every little part of my body goes into meltdown mode, my mind, heart, nerves and anything that has a beat, seems to pulsate at 10X the rate of it’s normal-self…..(I think it’s called high blood pressure…LOL)

        Then, I face the challenge…I get emotional, either break down and cry, giggle throw in a bit of the bulldog in me when I get defensive – (over the years, that bulldog has become tame), it only barks in spurts these days “phew”….articulating the situation tends to unveil itself towards the end…then you’re suddenly hit with that “Aww, I get it” moment, but pride will dare not let you say that aloud… LOL

        ….then, I feel the halo of positivity gleaming in happiness as it hovers above my head, and eventually makes its way through my body and calming every pulsating organ in my system as my spirit elevates….AND THAT….is what I love about making positive changes!!

        The aftermath…I’m a better person to myself, and to others. I’m still learning how to fine tune my physical, and emotional reaction towards different challenges and all the while I love myself enough to say, that “it’s okay”… and proud enough of myself to say that “I’m on that journey of self awareness”!….With practice…all is perfect, well near enough πŸ˜‰

        LOVE YA and thanks for letting me share! XOX

  2. aww…I’m just happy to read and reply to your brutally honest and exquisitely written blogs as I couldn’t commit myself to one. Recognising this is in itself a positive change, – though in the past I would’ve agreed, written one or two blogs, logged out never to log in again LOL.

    • Thank you, wow that is really nice praise. πŸ™‚ I like to blog to let it all out, even if no-one reads this I don’t care, but it’s so nice to know that you enjoy my rants. Haha. I still think if you wrote a blog it would be awesome!

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