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First Times, Attraction & My Second Husband – 7 Days in Review

I write this as I try to negotiate a hospital band from my wrist, which is quite fitting as health is one of the main themes of the last 7 days in my life as are men, figuratively speaking.

First Times
There are first times for everything, and here are mine 😉

Tech in a sec

World Famous in New Zealand
I have been invited to film for a segment run by Telecom called ‘Tech in a Sec’ plus I will be the first female on the segment! It’s exciting but scary. I wish I was 40kg lighter so I didn’t take up all of the camera – it’s true! But anyway, we film next Friday and it’s definitely going on the Telecom website, TV I’m not so sure. Either way it’s a great opportunity!

Hospital Stories
I was admitted to hospital for the first time ever! It’s not really something to rejoice about, and I was there for 4 hours in the ugliest hospital smock known to man, but on the bright side the staff were friendly, my room was toasty warm and I got given the all clear for any major ailments.

Sports Injuries
I never thought that I would ever be the recipient of a ‘sports related injury’ but I have now chalked up two – my shoulder was the first and now my knee. Due to these I had my first visit to a physiotherapist, high five to me. Some may think I’m crazy thinking it’s kinda cool having an injury of any kind, but when you have lived a life of zero fitness like I have, this is pretty freaking exciting. Don’t judge me.


Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse
My trainer slash nutritionist slash woman I am in awe of, has put me on a new fitness and nutrition plan. I am going to be completing the Fit for Life diet for 30 days and the Brett Elliott Ultimate Detox at the same time. I also have a training program to accommodate my gammy knee and shoulder. This will all start when I can gather up the $500 to buy everything. Watch this space for updates.

My Second Husband AKA Table Tennis
Disclaimer: Before anyone starts getting excited, I don’t actually have a first, second or any husband for that matter, it is a joke I once shared with a friend.

Pendragon for the win!
On Saturday I received some table tennis coaching from an older Chinese man named Mr Lin. He did not speak a word of english but boy, it was made clear when he did or did not like the shots I was returning. Mr Lin was great and he taught me a new, and much better Penhold grip that I love and have now started using – woohoo!

Triple Threat
I played table tennis 3 times in the last 7 days, not counting my coaching on Saturday. It was glorious and made me realise how much I miss playing. New goal for the month is; play more of what I love, it makes me happy.

Laws of Attraction
If you tell the universe what you want, expect to get it back, with interest.

In light of this, I changed the name of my health & fitness initiative to ‘The Look Good, Feel Great Movement‘. Originally I dubbed it as a ‘challenge’ but it didn’t resonate and the word movement signifies something ongoing, a journey if you will, that is inclusive of others. I like it.



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