About Melody

Hi, I’m Melody.

Spin, Chop, Smash is where I talk, blag, and rant about things that matter to me, namely table tennis, getting fit and world domination. I am candid, there are no heirs and graces with me and what you read is my personality transformed into print. I don’t apologise for this, with the exception of an apology to my mum who asked me to remove the ‘expletives’ from this blog! If you don’t like what you read, go and troll another blog.

I love Table Tennis like crazy and it’s been 7 glorious weeks since I first started playing. Heads up: I’m going to talk alot about ‘TT’ so get used to it. I one day hope to be good enough to grade and enter competitively – that is the dream right thurr – but for now I am just learning the game.

Fitness, losing weight and nutrition are other new ‘passions’ of mine and will be talked about often too. I need people to help keep me motivated, encouraged and focussed – so that’s you – and all of your comments, high fives and tips are appreciated.

Which brings me to the final reason for this blog – taking over the world. This is a work in progress, so watch this space.


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